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Our SERVICES and areas of expertise

Interpreting services
Hire an interpreter for your bilingual event. We offer simultaneous, consecutive, escort and over-the-phone interpreting services
Translations and versions
We offer specialized translation services from one language to another. Just contact us and we will analyze your project together.
Bilingual Trainings
The bilingual training of our Welcome2MyCountry program offers a realistic education on the demand of foreign languages, and especially in the tourism sector.
Multilingual Immersions
Not everyone can afford to study or live abroad; immersion programs are therefore the best option if you do not have the chance to study abroad.
Language courses Kids
Integrate your children in immersion workshops where we stimulate contact with languages through games, cultural awareness, drama, music, etc.
Other services
Advice, transcription, subtitling and localization. Computer-assisted publications. Website and resume translations ...
Language services
Ask for a free quote! We will respond within 24 hours for simple projects