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Greek courses in Anchorage

Greek courses in Anchorage
Classes at home, in the teacher´s classroom or online

Greek courses in Anchorage

TALK and CHALK offers a range of courses adapted to all levels and for all learning objectives. So you will have the choice to take individual lessons at your home, at your office or online. Also, classes are built according to your specific needs. Greek courses in Anchorage

Greek courses

ABOUT THE LANGUAGE Greek courses in Anchorage

From the end of the 4th century BCE onward, in the Hellenistic period; Greek gradually obtained a high degree of unity throughout the area it covered (see Koine). In the preceding 10 centuries there had been numerous Greek dialects; which differed in phonetic and morphological details but which were mutually intelligible.

The features shared by the local speech of different regions allow the delineation of dialect groups; of which the Greeks themselves were aware. The classifications of modern scholars modify in various ways the classifications made by the ancients but still retain these as their basis.

Among the dialects there are a West group, an Aeolic group, an Arcado-Cypriot group, and an Ionic-Attic group. Modern scholars have tried in various ways to combine some of these groups—for example; by considering Aeolic and Arcado-Cypriot as varieties of “central” Greek or by considering Arcado-Cypriot and Ionic-Attic as varieties of “southern” Greek and West Greek and Aeolic as varieties of “northern” Greek. Talk and Chalk

Experienced teachers

TALK and CHALK it is one of the largest language teacher recruitment organizations in USA, France, Brazil and England. Our teachers are native or highly experienced and competent speakers who offer dynamic and engaging lessons. They have access to a vast library of resources and receive continuous support and information from our entire team established in France and abroad. Greek courses in Anchorage

Practical and communicative learning

Our teachers speak the language perfectly and will pass on their knowledge from the first class through role playing, workshop and performance staging and problem solving in everyday life. You will of course practice grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. So this will allow you to use the language independently in a wide variety of situations.

Taylor-made language courses

Our tutors do not just use generic textbooks for the general public. So we will create personalized courses based on your experience and knowledge which will address your specific level and needs.