French classes with Fabrice Theveny

44,00 / month for 3 months

Hello! I am Fabrice Theveny, French teacher. In this atypical coronavirus period, I had to find something to occupy the rest of my time, because all of a sudden, we had to follow official orders to remain confined for the good of the (entire) population. So I had to stop seeing my students “face2face” and the only option was to virtualize myself.

As an independent teacher, adaptation was required with speed and efficiency and while education and technology have met, we can still meet virtually within social distance. However, nothing prevents us from meeting virtually, even more, if we are looking for something we like. Fortunately, education has technology.

  • Group classes with a native teacher
  • 13-week course (total of 26 hours)
  • 2 lessons of 1 hour every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 pm to 8 pm (GMT)
  • Access to replays
  • Free first 3 classes

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French classes with Fabrice Theveny

Online French classes are a very useful and effective resource for improving your language skills. Fabrice will transmit you the knowledge, grammar rules, techniques and tips to dominate with ease the french language.


One of the most common challenges among those who study French is the ability to express themselves and speak French, in addition to understanding native and non-native speakers. In the same way, they always need to ask questions and delve into specific topics. The good news is that there is a good range of resources that can help you effectively address to all of these challenges and needs.

You will practice the language in a safe, stress-free environment and focus on what you need most. We will schedule classes with one of our native or experienced teachers at the time that is most convenient and ready! Our teachers will prepare a tailored class, taking into account your level, your needs and your progress in the language. In addition, you can also propose the theme or skill you want to develop.

What do you learn in an online French class?

Online French group classes are very similar to face-to-face with a meeting room (video conference), virtual board if necessary, and online chat. This format allows you to propose and work on and the skills you want to develop dynamically. When booking a group class with any of our native teachers, you will be able to:

  • Propose what you want to practice in your session: speaking, review grammar, answer questions, prepare for an interview ... Share your goals with your teacher and colleagues.

  • Ask questions about what you are learning in the course.

  • Practice conversation and improve your confidence when speaking the language.

  • Improve your pronunciation, as your teacher will explain how to correctly produce and pronounce sounds in French.

  • Improve your knowledge and use of the language in different areas, such as grammar, conversation, listening, among others.

  • Know the main characteristics of the culture that will help you to adapt in a French-speaking environment.

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A1 – Beginner

Course type


Course minimum duration

3 months

Class duration

1 hour

Teaching material

Echo – Clé International


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Watch our first classes

Our desire is to transmit our knowledge to those interested in learning a new language. But before any purchase, it is good to check our method. Watch our first class that was given live on May 19, 2020.

Leçon #01

19 mai 2020

Contenu de la leçon

  • Les salutations
  • Les jours de la semaine
  • Les mois de l’année
  • Les verbes du 1er groupe (s’appeler, parler)